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Fundamental Science And The Big Machine

My Interview With Lisa Randall In your new book, Knocking On Heaven’s Door, you have interwoven two projects: describing the awe-inspiring details of the Large Hadron Collider, while simultaneously leading a conversation about the importance of science. Why did you decide to write about these two topics together? Continue Reading

Mindfulness For Children #1: Friendly Wishes

Some of you have asked me to share more of my work with InnerKids, so have posted a few of my guided visualization podcasts for children. Mindful awareness exercises help children develop concentration and self-awareness. The exercises I have chosen to share are called “Friendly Wishes”, and they focus specifically on developing compassion, in addition... Read more »

Free Will

My latest editing project, Free Will, is out and in bookstores today! Click here to purchase from


My latest editing project, Lying, is out! Click here to purchase the Kindle Single Click here to purchase the PDF   

Brain Bugs

My latest editing project, Brain Bugs, is out and in bookstores today! Click here to purchase Brain Bugs