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Waking Up App: New Artwork

The Waking Up app was recently redesigned, and I love the new artwork for my children’s meditations by Yiffy Gu! To listen to my guided meditations for children in the app, click “Practice” and then scroll down. If you don’t have the app, click here to check it out.

Audio Series Update

The working title of my upcoming podcast documentary series is: “LIGHTS ON: My Search for a Theory of Consciousness.” Recent and upcoming interviews include Lee Smolin, Christof Koch, Patrick House, Sue Blackmore, Anil Seth, George Musser, Carlo Rovelli, and Jessica Flack. (And we’re starting to play around with design ideas for the cover art—exciting!)

Guest Post: “Does Consciousness End?” by Thomas W. Clark

Enjoy this excellent piece about death and consciousness by philosopher Thomas W. Clark. It’s the perfect read for Halloween weekend! I’m looking forward to talking to Thomas for my audio doc series about consciousness in a couple of weeks. Click here to read the article