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Mindfulness Lessons for Children: Video #2

We’re creating short animated videos for some of the audio recordings of my mindfulness lessons for kids. Here’s #2: Why Do We Practice Mindfulness? Click HERE to watch the video

New Guided Meditation for Children—Soothing Uncomfortable Feelings

I have a NEW children’s meditation in the Waking Up app, “Soothing Uncomfortable Feelings.” Before using this meditation with your kids, make sure to read my notes about it in the “Tips and Variations” section at the bottom of the children’s meditations page HERE.

New Meditation for Children Available—See, Feel, Move, Breathe

I created a NEW meditation for children in the Waking Up App, “See, Feel, Move, Breathe” To access the meditations for children, launch the app then tap on “Meditation” and swipe the carousel left. Click here to download for iPhone Click here to download for Android  

My Interview With Cory Allen

The Astral Hustle Podcast Interview, #189 I had such fun taking to Cory Allen about consciousness, the brain, and meditation on The Astral Hustle podcast! Click here to listen to the interview

My Interview with Dan Harris

10% Happier Podcast, #190 “Annaka Harris discusses her new book, CONSCIOUS. She boldly defines consciousness and challenges long-held assumptions about this complicated concept.” Click here to listen to the interview