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Metta for Everyone

My new guided meditation series is now available to all on my website. Click here to listen

My new meditation series for the Waking Up app

Metta for Everyone I struggled with Metta practice for years, but through my work teaching children, I found a new way to approach my own practice. I hope this series helps others connect to the transformative exercise of cultivating compassion. Click here to listen to “Metta for Everyone”

Waking Up App: New Artwork

The Waking Up app was recently redesigned, and I love the new artwork for my children’s meditations by Yiffy Gu! To listen to my guided meditations for children in the app, click “Practice” and then scroll down. If you don’t have the app, click here to check it out.

NEW Guided Meditation

Being With What Is I recorded a short talk and guided meditation for adults who are going through a difficult time (not for children). I hope you find it useful. Click here to listen