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Reflections On Impermanence

The more closely we observe the present moment, the more amorphous it becomes. It vanishes as we reach out to touch it, transforming into the next moment, and the next… When we look out at the ocean, we naturally perceive the waves while understanding (both intellectually and intuitively) that there is no real “thing” that... Read more »

TED Podcast Pilot

I’m excited to announce that TED is going to be producing a pilot for my audio doc series on consciousness! I’m thrilled to begin collaborating with the TED podcast network on crafting a show out of my 30+ interviews with scientists and thought leaders such as, David Eagleman, Anil Seth, Janna Levin, Brian Greene, Philip Goff,... Read more »

On the “Life Analogy” to Consciousness

The conclusion we draw about life, once we understand the reductionist story is: There’s nothing fundamentally new going on—all the ingredients were always there. “Life” is just molecules behaving like molecules under certain conditions (beginning with the ability to self-replicate). No injection of a magical tonic is required to breathe life into those atoms…. Click... Read more »

“Spiritual Reflection”

I describe a moment of spiritual reflection as: A state of staring into the unknown, with the intention of seeking truth, while feeling intimately connected to the universe at large, and experiencing a deep sense of wellbeing. Photo Credit: Jamie Heiden

Waking Up App: New Artwork

The Waking Up app was recently redesigned, and I love the new artwork for my children’s meditations by Yiffy Gu! To listen to my guided meditations for children in the app, click “Practice” and then scroll down. If you don’t have the app, click here to check it out.