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Audio Series Announcement

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working on an audio series about consciousness—featuring audio from my recent conversations with prominent scientists such as Sean Carroll, Daniel Chamovitz,  David Eagleman, Brian Greene, Janna Levin, and others, as well as with philosophers and meditation experts. The project will take about a year to complete, but I’ll continue... Read more »

My Interview With Coleman Hughes

I’m an admirer of Coleman’s work, and it was a thrill to hang out in person when I was in NYC and talk consciousness! Click here to watch the video

My Interview With Rich Roll

The Rich Roll Podcast, #460 Rich raised some of the most challenging (and exciting!) questions about consciousness, and I really appreciated the opportunity to have this long-form conversation with him. Click here to watch the interview

NEW Guided Meditation

Being With What Is I recorded a short talk and guided meditation for adults who are going through a difficult time (not for children). I hope you find it useful. Click here to listen

2020 Audie Award Finalist!

The CONSCIOUS audio book is a 2020 Audie Award Finalist in the nonfiction category. “Congrats to all of our and HarperBooks‘ 2020 Audie Award Finalists!” —Harper Perennial