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On the Emergence of Consciousness

If we want to explain consciousness as an emergent phenomenon, we have to think carefully about what this means… Continue Reading

Best of Making Sense Episode

Today’s release on The Best of Making Sense feed: “#159 CONSCIOUS. Sam speaks with his wife, Annaka Harris, about her book, CONSCIOUS: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind.” Click here to listen to the interview

Metta for Everyone

My new guided meditation series is now available to all on my website. Click here to listen

Something Rather Than Nothing

If the fundamental nature of reality is timeless (spacetime is not fundamental), everything simply IS. Without a past or a future in the way we typically think of it, any glimpse of “something” is evidence that there is, and therefore always “has been,” something… Continue Reading

My new meditation series for the Waking Up app

Metta for Everyone I struggled with Metta practice for years, but through my work teaching children, I found a new way to approach my own practice. I hope this series helps others connect to the transformative exercise of cultivating compassion. Click here to listen to “Metta for Everyone”