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Guest Post: “Stardust” by Neil Shubin

An excerpt from The Universe Within by Neil Shubin All the galaxies in the cosmos, like every creature on the planet, and every atom, molecule, and body on Earth are deeply connected. That connection begins at a single point 13.7 billion years ago… Continue Reading

Guest Post: “What Will I Say Next?” by Max Velmans

An excerpt from How Could Conscious Experiences Affect Brains? by Max Velmans …In speech, for example, the tongue may make as many as twelve adjustments of shape per second—adjustments which need to be precisely coordinated with other rapid, dynamic changes within the articulatory system. According to Lenneberg (1967), within one minute of discourse as many as... Read more »

The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

A TEDx Norrkoping Talk, by Carol Dweck Dr. Dweck explains the power of responding to children with “Not Yet” when they’re having trouble understanding. If they are told “Not Yet”, they experience a problem as one they can solve given time and guidance, rather than something they have “failed”. Instead of setting children up for failure, low self-esteem, and cheating,... Read more »

2015 TED Talk: How Our Microbes Make Us Who We Are

This is a truly fascinating subject, and it reminds me of the research on parasites that affect behavior. If you’re interested in reading more, there was a great article in the New York Times by Natalie Angier in 2007: In Parasite Survival, Ploys to Get Help From a Host Click here to watch Rob Knight’s talk

My Plastic Alternative Recommendations

After reading the recent Mother Jones article “The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics,” I started to take health concerns about plastic more seriously. Previously, I figured that the problem of BPA had been addressed, and that as long as products were free of this toxic ingredient, our sippy cups, bottles, and containers were safe. However, it turns out that even... Read more »