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Spot the International Space Station!

I’m pretty late to this party, but I just found out you can easily see the ISS flying overhead. And it’s an incredible sight… Click here to select your location and find out when the ISS will be flying over you

Waking Up To Five Planets

With the help of an astronomer, a photographer captured this time-lapse video early one morning in late January. Click here to watch the NYT Science video by Benjamin Norman, Stan Honda and Daniel Orentlicher

2015 TED Talk

Can We Create New Senses For Humans? by David Eagleman This thought-provoking talk is a pleasure to watch from beginning to end! Click here to watch David Eagleman’s talk

Wait But Why

I highly recommend Tim Urban’s blog, Wait But Why, and his latest post on colonizing Mars is especially great. Tim jokes that he’s been “seriously dating astronomy” since he was three-years-old, and his excitement and passion are contagious! Click here to read Tim Urban’s latest blog post, How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars