Guest Post: On Changing Your Mind
An Excerpt From The Blank Slate, By Steven Pinker

When law enforcement vanishes, all manner of violence breaks out; looting, settling old scores, ethnic cleansing, and petty warfare among gangs, warlords, and mafias. This was obvious in the remnants of Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, and parts of Africa in the 1990′s, but can also happen in countries with a long tradition of civility…
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Guest Post: The Limits Of Our Imagination
An Excerpt From Many Worlds In One, By Alexander Vilenkin

A striking feature of the new worldview is the existence of multiple “other worlds” beyond our observable region. Some of them are rather uncontroversial. Very few people, for example, would question the reality of other O-regions…
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Guest Post: Earth’s Beginning
An Excerpt From The Canon, By Natalie Angier

…Earth’s crust had cooled down, and the swirling molten iron at its core had begun generating the magnetic fields that help deflect the searing solar wind. So shielded, the vast clouds of volcanic reflux were not peeled off into space, but instead hovered above the ground, gathering and glowering portentously, as storm clouds do…
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Why I Stopped Taking Vitamins

In 2007, I stopped taking vitamins after hearing Larry Norton speak at the Aspen Ideas Festival. He fielded a fascinating Q&A, and his answer to the first question completely changed the way I think about the immune system and vitamins. FYI: Men are 11 times more likely to develop an aggressive prostate cancer if they take a daily multiple vitamin.

For those of you short on time, the most interesting stuff is in response to the first question at 12:50 in the audio:


Aspen Ideas Festival: Larry Norton


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