TED Podcast Pilot

I’m excited to announce that TED is going to be producing a pilot for my audio doc series on consciousness! I’m thrilled to begin collaborating with the TED podcast network on crafting a show out of my 30+ interviews with scientists and thought leaders such as, David Eagleman, Anil Seth, Janna Levin, Brian Greene, Philip Goff, Sean Carroll, Daniel Chamovitz, Patrick_ House, George Musser, Sue Blackmore, Donald Hoffman, Adam Frank, Joseph Goldstein, Julia Sweeney, Maggie Rowe, Lee Smolin, Mia Maestro, Jessica Flack, and more. Stay tuned for further announcements…

Audio Series Update

The working title of my upcoming podcast documentary series is:
“LIGHTS ON: My Search for a Theory of Consciousness.”
Recent and upcoming interviews include Lee Smolin, Christof Koch, Patrick House, Sue Blackmore, Anil Seth, George Musser, Carlo Rovelli, and Jessica Flack.
(And we’re starting to play around with design ideas for the cover art—exciting!)