guided meditation for children



See, feel, move, breathe

In this exercise, children are guided through a process of paying attention to their present moment experience while picking up and placing down a focus rock (you will need a focus rock for this meditation). The longer version is intended for children who have had more experience and are ready for slightly longer periods of silence.


Note to parents / educators: If you’re doing this meditation as a group, you can try a fun variation: sit in a circle, and for bell #3, instead of placing the focus rocks back down in the same location, have everyone put their rock down in front of the person to their left. This way, each person has a new rock to look at for the next cycle. You can also try using other objects besides rocks—shells, flowers, and leaves are all nice-sized objects that are easy to find and work well for this activity. And when they’re ready to try this meditation without the recording, children can take turns leading the activity by ringing a bell or a chime.


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