guided meditation for children
mindful Seeing



Mindful Seeing

In this exercise, children pay close attention to the experience of seeing. Before sitting down to listen to this meditation, you will need to find a small stone for children to use as their “focus rock.” You might make a fun outing of going on a walk to find a special rock.


Mindful Seeing—Present Moment

The second version below is identical to the first except that about halfway through, I spend a little time discussing the concept of the present moment. Once children have heard this longer version a few times, they may prefer to listen to the short one so that they can simply do the practice.


Note to parents / educators: Just like adults, children benefit from having a designated place to meditate, but this can be more difficult to create for a child. An object can work just as well (sometimes even better), and I love using focus rocks for this purpose. Having something that feels special, that is brought out only for meditation practice, and that reminds children of a state of mindfulness they can return to is extremely helpful. Encourage children to take care of their focus rocks and to keep them in special boxes or bags that they can decorate if they wish. Like a mantra, a focus rock often becomes a “home base” for children—one that’s portable!


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